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Australia is a truly unique and diverse country in every way; it is the world’s sixth largest country lying between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Australia is famous for its famous natural landmarks such as Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef along with manmade landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Travelling to Australia either for study, work, or investment immigration is just 40% of the entire settlement journey. Moving to a new country involves a lot of preparations and we will take care the rest of 60% to help you adjust and settle in to your new environment in Australia

We provide airport pickup, travel and other immediate arrangements like setting up bank accounts or getting phone cards once you are here. We help you settle in smoothly and give you the option to contact other international students or the local community who can assist you with everyday activities in Australia.

We aim to provide all the necessary information on a range of practical and important issues to help students, workers, and business investors explore and adapt quickly in Australia. We provide ongoing support in a wide range of areas including:

Our Post Landing Services List:

After touching down in Australia, we can provide a number of services to help ensure a smooth transition and as hassle free as possible. We offer a variety of services that ensure this smooth transition, which include:

  • Arranging Accommodation before your arrival to Australia
  • Post Address Proxy Service: receive post mails until the you has a permanent address
  • Information Pack: Immigration Declaration Procedure & Quarantine Guideline
  • Pick-Up from airport to your accommodation
  • Register Mobile Phone Number
  • Public Transport Guideline
  • Supermarket and Local Grocery Information
  • Provide information for Private Health Cover and plans which are best suited for you
  • Assistance in arranging Social needs
  • Apply for a Tax File Number
  • Register Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Open a Bank Account
  • Register for English class if needed
  • Enrols your children in school if needed
  • Apply for a Driver’s License Permit
  • Basic Tour Orientation and Q & A Session

The post landing information provided is correct at the time of writing, it is your responsibility to ensure that all the information is relevant to your needs before committing or signing any services/products and seek any legal advice if necessary.

Ozlinks educations reserve the right to offer its services at our own discretion and will not be held responsible if aby of the above services is not available at any given time, nor will we be responsible for any financial, emotional or material loss whilst acquiring the above-mentioned services.
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