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There is a strict screening process for students applying to universities in Australia on the basis of their educational qualifications, financial status, English skills and other requirements. Starting from your native state down to your personality, everything is reviewed and a small glitch can put you behind other candidates vying for the same position. To avoid such a mistake, we at Oz Links Group guide you through the entire process of applying and acquiring admission. Our dedicated counsellors in this field and close partners will help you through the whole process, from your first enquiry, to the final admissions process with higher turnaround of successful applications in lesser time whether it is for University or TAFE courses.


STEP 1: Determining Eligibility

At this step we will assess your eligibility for a course of study in an Australian University or TAFE and a Student Visa base on your qualifications, English Language skill, career goals, and financial ability position. We then be able determine whether you have a genuine interest in studying in Australia and if you meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements for a University or TAFE for a course of study, we will then proceed to step 2.

STEP 2: Course and University or TAFE Selection

We will provide you with a wide range of study options to suit your individual circumstances, these will help you to decide which University or TAFE courses best suits your academic background, career goals and budget.

STEP 3: Application & Confirmation of Enrolment ( CoE)

We will assist you to prepare and lodge an application for Offer Letter to the University or TAFE of your choice. We then help you make sure that all the required documents have been submitted to ensure the success of your application. Once all the required documents in the offer letter are met, we help you to lodge an application for a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) that will enable you to apply for a Student Visa

STEP 4: Visa Application

With our professional expertise in this field which will allow us maximize your chance of getting a visa by presenting your case in a logical order. Our partner is a qualified Migration Agent, through our training system and supervision all the relevant staff at Oz Links Group have an up to date knowledge of student visa rules and procedures.

After your arrival in Australia, we provide all the necessary information on a range of practical and important issues to help you settle in. We also provide ongoing support in a wide range of areas including:

STEP 5: Post Landing Support in Australia

OZLINKS post landing services aim to provide all the necessary information on a range of practical and important issues to help you to explore and adapt quickly in Australia. Our ongoing support in a wide range of areas including:

  • Pre-arranged accommodation
  • Airport pick up service to take you to a pre-arranged accommodation.
  • Explaining visa conditions mentioned on your visa
  • Applying for Tax File Number (for working)
  • Extending your student visa if required
  • Advising and enrolling you in the next course of study if required
  • Providing tips on job interview and finding job
  • Providing important links to various people & social organizations who may help you in Australia
  • Brief about the Australian Taxation system, and understanding and respecting the Australian way of life etc.

What is your plan after completing your course of study in Australia?

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