Internship Program


The Internship program with Training Visa 407 Sponsorship Program is a highly specialised program made for candidates who are either currently in Australia, or offshore, and want to do a paid internship in Australia in either the Hospitality Management, Cookery, Chef, Disability fields for 6-24 months period under an Australian Training Visa 407

Our role is to assess suitable students to sponsor and provide our clients a training plan while they are on the 407 Visa whilst monitoring their progress.

The Australian Government allows those who wish to enhance their career by working and training in Australia to use the 407 Training Visa to achieve this outcome.

The Keys Component for this Program

  • Development of your skills to meet your desired occupational title
  • Australian training visa 407 sponsorship
  • Full program customisation to your preferences
  • Ongoing support & mentoring for the duration of your program

Applications for the 407 Training Visa are open to those who currently live offshore, as well as those already residing in Australia. For more information, please see the corresponding flyer if you are an On-Shore or Off-Shore applicant.

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